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Ideas to Encourage our Missionaries

Updated: May 12, 2022


"Helping The Missionary" by Brother Tony Smith -


At the last Troth fellowship, ladies shared the following ideas for our missionaries:

· Don't mail chocolates or anything perishable.

· Ask if they have a US Embassy mailing address. Mailing items to the embassy may

lessen shipping costs.

· Ask if you can mail them over-the-counter medications. Some countries don't have

access to these medications.

· China, please check with Pastor on proper communications and shipping items.

· Our West Africa missionaries are currently safe. We are allowed to communicate with


· Please think of the wives and children's needs.


The following article "9 Things Your Missionary Wants in a Care Package" was written by Katie Back Salmon. Please hit the following link to read this interesting article:


The following article "8 Things Missionaries Wish Their Supporter Knew" was written by Anna Price. Please hit the following link to read this interesting article:

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Unknown member
Oct 04, 2022

Thank you, we are well. Glory to God , sa Diyos ang Himaya

Replying to

What does "sa Diyos ang Himaya" mean?


Unknown member
Sep 11, 2022

Our mailing address is incorrect. The PO box is For financial support ONLY. ANY correspondence should be mailed to Greg and Anna Stedman 8811 Veronica St Xavier Estates PHASE 4 Upper Balulang CDO city 9000 Philippines

Replying to

I hope all is well. Thank you for the information, will make the necessary corrections.

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